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John O'Gaunt Morris Men, Lancaster were formed in 1968 from an existing sword team, with the aim of learning and continuing the traditional dances of England. The side now has a repertoire of dances drawn from two diverse traditions, the Cotswold and the North West.


Our name is taken from John O'Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and our kit comprises: black waistcoat with the royal cost of arms, red and blue baldricks, blue cumberbund, black breeches and red socks all topped with a decorated bowler hat. Clogs are worn for North West dancing, black shoes for Cotswold.

Much of our programme is local consisting of tours round the local villages (lots of pubs!), dancing at local carnivals and fetes, and at a variety of private functions. We also aim to attend about two weekend events each season.
We will be practicing at the Royal Kings Arms, Lancaster in the Library Room (click here for a map) normally every first and third Wednesday of every month, 8.00pm - 10.00pm throughout the winter. See Program for changes


We are always glad to hear from anyone who is interested in joining the team whether they have danced the Morris before or not (we were all learners once.....). We are always recruiting and a warm welcome, a free pint and an introductory session await anyone who comes to give Morris Dancing a try. Musicians are also very welcome.
See you soon.
If you want to get in touch please contact :-

Derek Humphreys

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